Top Hat Farm

Top Hat Farm MIF Bastile Blame

DOB: 01/05/2018

Doe - K1

Black and white with roaning
September 25, 2018 Bastile is so long level wide. To watch her
on the move is just incredible. Will probably be bred for Spring 2018.

Dragonfly HFX Aragorn
Dragonfly ARG Triton
SG CH AGS Flat Rocks Charybdis *D 1*M AR LA VEVE 90
Dragonfly Tri Media is Fickle
Dragonfly DR Baccus
1*M Dragonfly B Dido VEEE 90
SG CH AGS Dragonfly G Dierdre*D AR V+VE 86
Top Hat Farm MIF Bastile Blame

Dragonfly HLJ Goshen VVV 86
Top Hat Farm G Plymouth Cuda +++ 82
2*M SG Top Hat Farm Penny Wise AR2013
1*M Top Hat Farm Collective Soul VEVV 88

AGS Enchanted Hill Tom Jefferson
Flat Rock's In Contempt
Flat Rocks Incognito


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