Top Hat Farm

1*M Top Hat Farm Biscayne FS VEEE 90 AR2013

Doe - C16

DOB 3/28/12

LA2014 VEVE89
LA2015 VVVV88
LA2017 VEEE90 (fs)

Black with random white

Aug 2015- Biscayne is one of my very best most consist milkers another doe that I just love to look
at and milk with LA scores to match.

Oct 2015 - Biscayne is one of my doe’s that just doesn’t photo graph well , truly she is one of my nicest doses with one
very nice udder that milks . Biscayne is running close behind Fuse competing for 1000 pounds of milk this year. She has
been producing between 3 and 4 pounds for the last 7 months.

July 20, 2014 - Biscayne came into herself this year. She has matured into a very strong dairy type doe.
Her udder is attached every place, she could use more rear udder height. This is the only fault I can find
with her still scoring a (E in Mammary and Dairy Strength). The rear view picture of her udder doesn’t do her
justice .. She is milking 4# per day and still going strong with 6.6% butter fat..

September 2013 - Top Hat Farm Biscayne is a 1st freshening yearling. She is one of the most dairy does on the farm
from butter soft skin to so very soft udder texture that milks down to nothing, nice milkable teats good orifice size.
Love this doe’s general appearance and dairy character , nice long lean and flat boned.
One too watch for 2014 .. Can’t wait to get full 305 day test on her!!

Aug 2012 - Hat Farm Biscayne is a very stylish dairy doe, nice straight topline and a long, level topline.
She has great feet and legs ,with very nice rear leg angle. I know the pictures make her front leg look
crooked but they are not… This doe should freshen with a very nice udder with these genetics behind her.

Top Hat Farm Biscayne - C16 
Year/Age (Year.Months) DIMPounds # Fat# ---(%) Protein --(%) High Test Day In progress/Finished
2013 (1-01) 164 360 21---(5.8%) 17---(4.7%) 2.8# Finished
2014 (1-10) 261 870 55---(6.3%) 44---(5.1%) 4.2 Finished
2015 (2-10) 261 933 56---(6.0%) 45---(4.8%) 4.8# Finished
2016 (3-10) 180 738 45---(6.1%) 35---(4.7%) 5.2# Finished
2017 (4-10) 203 849 47---(5.5%) 36---(4.2%) 5.2# Finished

Show Record: Mini Mania Judge: Ann McKeever
June 2,2013 1st place yearling milkers
  Mini Mania Judge: John Pfeiler
June 2,2013 1st place yearling milkers

    2*M  Top Hat Farm O Catalina AR2015
   Top Hat Farm All (Sold as Herd Sire)
   Top Hat Farm Bent To Fly
   Top Hat Farm Sugar N Spice (Owned by Tatiana Elizarova)
      2X Reserve, 3X Grand, 2X BIS, 1X Best of Breed (accomplished as a First Freshener)
      2018 Nationals in the two year old milkers class placed 2nd and received 2nd Udder
(72 does in her Class)
   Top Hat Farm MF Fickled Fool (Sold as Herd Sire)
   Top Hat Farm MIF Ponticac GTO (Retained)

LA Year Age Head Shoulder
Feet Back Rump Udder
2017 05-03 V V V V + E V V V E E E 90

ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson++ *S
CH Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie*S
1x Best in Show
1x Grand Champion
1x Res. Grand Champion
2x Sr. Champion
3x Sr. Champion
Stonewall's Serena *D
NC Promisedland Super Sport *B
+ *B NC Promisedland Ram-Beau *S E 91
CH NC Promisedland RB Moonshine VEVE 90
SGGCH ARMCH Promisedland GoodDay Sunshine *M 2*D E91
6x Best of Breed
6x Grand Sr. Doe
4x Res Grand Sr. Doe
8x Best Udder
2006 AGS Top Ten #7 Milk & #3 Protein
2006 AGDA Top Ten #9 Milk & #4 Protein
1*M Top Hat Farm Biscayne FS VEVV 88

MI Sugar Creek Tune's XM *S*B
Dill's XM Pandemonium *S
MCH Promisedland LD Panacea 4*D
2x Jr. Grand Champion
3x Sr. Grand Champion
2x Best of Breed
3.3# on one day test & 5.2% fat

TX Twin/Creek Fantasea Island*S

Top Hat Farm Bell Air VV++ 84
Old Mountain Farm Betina
3*M Old Mountain Farm Isha 3*D

Photo taken 6/15/2017

picture taken 6/15/2017

picture taken 6/15/2017


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