Top Hat Farm

Top Hat Farm MF City Zip

DOB: 01/19/2018

Doe - K10

Black, Red and White with star

September 26, 2018- City Zip will be one of my first Top Hat Farm Q Massey Ferguson *B daughters
to freshen so very excited…. She has great width throughout, straight legs, nice rear leg angulati
on and oh look at that nice wide muzzle and head. She is still on the small side so have not
decided yet wether she will freshen spring or fall 2019.

AGS Oldesouth Sun Ray
Farm Oldesouth SR Sun Quasar *B
NC Promisedland SIA Sunra 3*M VEVE 89
Top Hat Farm Q Massey Ferfuson *B
NC Promisedland Turbo Diesel +B
1*M Top Hat Farm D Dealer Beware +VVV 86
Olde Mountain Farm Royal FlushVVVE 88
Top Hat Farm MF City Zip

Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah
LA 2011 VVV
3xJr Grand Champion
1x Res. Grand Champion
Dragonfly HLJ Goshen VVV 86
CH Dragonfly G Deirdre *D AR
LA 2010 V+EV 86
High Test Day 6.2#
1xGrand Champion Jr Doe
3xGrand Champion Sr Doe
5xBest Doe as Finished Champion
1xBest Doe in Show
Top Hat Farm Mustang Express

AGS Doe-Sy-Doe TA Appomattox
1*M AGS Top Hat Farm First ClassVVVV 89
AGS Dragonfly H Sneak Up On It


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