Top Hat Farm

1*M Top Hat Farm Dealer Beware FS VVVV 87

Doe - C18

DOB 4/7/12

2014 LA - +++V 83
2015 LA - +VVV86
2017 LA VVVV87 (FS)

Black/red with white moon spots

Aug 2017 - If you read my prediction for this doe from July 2014 sometimes our dreams come true. Dealer has out did herself is under statement earning her Superior Genetics and Elite doe this year!! Dealers udder is not losing a thing with age still high and tight one of favorite does to milk. What can I say but she will never be For Sale!!

October 2015 Dealer is one of our does that excels in udder attachment, width, length of teat, orifice size and
ease of milking. This doe milks down to nothing in seconds. She has passed this on to her daughters.

July 20, 2014 - Dealer scored a V in udder. This doe will be 5 or 6 years old before she really shines.
Her udder is a dream to milk very nice long teats, great orifice size that milks out in a flash;
strong attachment with super MLS..

September 2013- Top Hat Farm Dealer Beware is a 1st freshening yearling that I am very pleased with nice general
appearance with strong correct feet and legs. Her udder is attached everywhere good MSL, huge milk able teats that express easily.

Aug 2012- Top Hat Farm Dealer Beware is turning out very well. She is a little on the chubby side as she spends
too much time in creep feeder. Dealer is a very deep body doe with a lot of width thru out, nice top line and
great rear leg set. The combination of genetics and the outstanding breed type of her dam and sire. If she has
her dams udder I will be a very happy women.

Top Hat Farm Dealer Beware - C18 
Year/Age (Year.Months) DIMPounds # Fat# ---(%) Protein --(%) High Test Day In progress/Finished
2013 (1-2) 134 261 14---(5.4%) 13--(5.0) 2.6# Finished
2014 (1-10) 255 703 47---(5.8%) 32--(4.6) 3.2# Finished
2015 (2-08) 313 808 50---(6.2%) 40---(5.0%) 3.6# Finished

 2*M Top Hat Farm O Gernsey (See her on Reference Page)
 Top Hat Farm RL Falcon (Deceased)
 Top Hat Farm Card Shark (Herd Sire at End Of the Line Farm)2017 LA VEV88, 2X Grand, 1X Reserve
 Top Hat Farm PC Ace Of Hearts (Herd Sire at KW Farm, Wapato, WA)
 Top Hat Farm PC Eowyn
 Top Hat Farm Q Pegs & Jokers (Retained)
 Top Hat Farm Q Massey Ferguson (Herd Sire Retained)
 Top Hat Farm Q Capella (Owned by End Of The LIne)

SGCH +B Buttin'Heads Palimony + *S
3x GRand Champion Sr. Buck
3x BOB
NC Pronisedland Paypal*S 88
SGCH ARMCH NC Promisedland Beau-Nita 2*M
6x Grand Ch Sr Doe
20x BOB
22x Best Udder
1x Best Udder in Show - all breeds
2008 Best Leader in Production AGS & ADGA
2010 AGS #1 in Production
#2 in Butter Fat and Protein
High Test Day #6.4
NC Promisedland Turbo Diesel +B
CH AGS Promisedland CP Gold Rush VEE 89
full sister : GCH ARMCH 1M E*92 Promissedland CP Lil BoPeep 1D E*90
2006 & 2007 Top Ten Milker
2007 AGS Reserve National Champion
2008 ANDDA Total Preformer
1x Best Doe in Show
15x Best Udder
14x Best of Breed
3x Grand Champion
Arwood Ares GR Winnie
AGS Caesar's Villa CBS U B Trouble
1*M Top Hat Farm Dealer Beware FS VVVV 87

Promisedland S Jackpot
Promisedland JP Full House *S
Promisedland LD Purr-Fection 3*D

ARMCH Twin Creeks WS Fire Storm +*S E 91

Old Mountain Royal Flush 88
1*M Rosasharn FS Patchouli 6*D AR2169
ARMCH Rosasharn's UMT Sassafras 5*D E 90

June 2017

Photo from June 2017

Photo from late Oct. 2015 hairy but you get the idea.

Photo from late Oct. 2015 hairy but you get the idea.

picture taken 7/20/2014

picture taken 7/20/2014

picture taken 7/20/2014


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