Top Hat Farm

1*M Top Hat Farm Dodge Dart VVEE 87 AR2015
Doe - E20
DOB: March 15, 2014

Black/Brown Buckskin

2015 LA AA+A 77
2017 LA VVEE 87

September 2017- Dart unfortunately went over height but still posted her LA scores to prove donít throughout FF that
do not score well if you know your genetics. I still want to play with these genetics so she will be staying that
said Nothing from this doe will be sold with papers unless mini breeder!!!! Or want great un registered kids!!
Pictures of this doe speak for themselves.

Jan 2016 - Dart as you can see our appraiser did not think much of Dart as First Freshener but this is where
knowing what a ugly duckling will mature into comes into play. This doe will put it all together as she matures.
She already has it going on in milk pail on her first milk test milked 4# with 5.2% fat also milked 580# in
182 days easily earning her Star and AR.. one to wait and watch..

November 2014 - Dart is not photogenic; she is a nudge into or playing with everything.. Oh well you can see the width
she carries all the way from rear thru front end assembly. She is a very deep dairy doe. We will get better pictures
when she freshens in 2015..

Top Hat Farm Dodge Dart - E20 
Year/Age (Year.Months) DIMPounds # Fat# ---(%) Protein --(%) High Test Day In progress/Finished
2015 (1-00) 199 575 32--(5.6%) 24--(4.2% 4.0# Finished
2016 (1-10) 201 739 47---(6.4%) 33---(4.5%) 4.1# Finished
2017 (2-10) 252 902 53---(5.9%) 38---(4.2%) 4.8# Finished

Prodigy: Nothing from this doe will be sold with papers unless mini breeder!! Or want great unregistred kids!!
   Top Hat Farm Sixx AM Stars (Sold without papers)
   Top Hat Farm Valkerie (Sold)

LA Year Age Head Shoulder
Feet Back Rump Udder
2017 03-03 + V A E V V V V V V E E 87
2015 01-02 A + A A A A A V A A + A 77
Miscellanous Codes
LA YearAgeCode 1Code 2Code3
201703-03 (Doe limit 32.5 = 22.5 inches) Over maximum height for breed (Dart measured at 2017 LA 34 = 22.8 inches) Front legs turn out 

Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey
Algedi Farm MH Zen Moon +B
GCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith *3M
2011 LA EEVE 90

15x Best of Breed
7x Best Udder of Breed
3x Senion Grand Champion
8x 1st Place Udder
1x 1st Place Dam and Daughter
1x Dam of 1st Place Produce of Dam
1x Part of 1st Place Dairy Herd
1*M Top Hat Farm Dodge Dart VVEE 87 AR2015

Promisedland LD Full House*S +B
Dill's FH Wap Bam Boom +EVE 86
Full sister to:
MCH/GCH Dill's FH Doo Wop 5*D/*M (+EVV 87) 2013
4x Grand Champion Senior Doe
Best Doe in Show
2x Reserve Senion Doe
5x Best Udder
1x Best of Breed
2010 ADGA Nations Show - 3 of 23
2012 ADGA National Show 10th Place 5/6 year old
SG/MCH Promisedland CP Shaboom 4*D VEEE 90
1x Grand Champion Junior Doe
2x Grand Champion Senior Doe
1x Best Udder
2x Reserve Chamion Senior Doe

Photo taken 9/4/2017

Photo taken 9/4/2017

Photo taken 9/4/2017


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