Top Hat Farm

Top Hat Farm BA MolineUDLX
Buck - L18
DOB: January 30, 2018

Black and white

July 5, 2018 - UDLX has been a stand out since the day he hit the ground.
He is out of one of my very nice up and coming does 3*M Top Hat Farm PC Hello
Darkness and Top Hat Farm Bolt Action *B . Will have to wait on new pictures of
his dam as 2018 was my off year did not get any but she has really matured nicely.

NC Promisedland PayPal *S 88
NC Promisedland Turbo Diesel +B
Arwood Acres GR Winnie
Top Hat Farm Bolt Action *B
Dragonfly HLJ Goshen 86
Top Hat Farm Wiggling Leer 2*M +VV+ 84
Top Hat Farm First Class V 89
Top Hat Farm BA Moline UDLX

Dragonfly HJL Goshen VVV 86
Top Hat Farm G Plymouth Cuda
2*M SG Top Hat Farm Penny Wise VVV+ 86 AR2013
3*M Top Hat Farm PC Hello Darkness +V+V 83

Top Hat Farm Fun Oddity *B
2*M Top Hat Farm FO Catalina AR2015
1*M Top Hat Farm Biscayne VVVV88 AR2013
2x 1st out of 11 in her class of yearling milkers
2014 (DIM 242) (820# pounds) (51# Fat) (41# Protein) on 305 mild test

Photo taken Jan 2019


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