Top Hat Farm

2*M Top Hat Farm O Gernsey AR2014

DOB 6/20/2013
Red and White
2014 LA - VV+V86
2015 LA - +VV+83


Dec. 2013 - Top Hat Farm O Gernsey is a late June kid so she has a lot growing to do yet. Love her nice tight shoulders
, spring of rib and the width behind. Plenty of space to put a very nice udder. She will be held over to kid winter 2015..

July 2014 - I am very happy with her LA as First Freshener - the plus is in body capacity which comes with age. Her 1st
milk test she did 3 pounds! Her udder is a dream to hand milk soft texture, good size teats, big orifice’s..

Jan 2016- Gernsey is still one of my all-time favorites to milk butter soft udder that milks down to nothing she so easy to hand milk.

Top Hat Farm OB Guernsey - D18 
Year/Age (Year.Months) DIMPounds # Fat# ---(%) Protein --(%) In progress/Finished
2014 (0-10) 75 189 8---(4.2%) 8---(4.2%) Finished
2015 (1-07) 265 616 37---(6.0)%) 30---(4.9%) Finished

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Doubletree Trojan
Doubletree C Litl Bito Jessica
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2014 LA--VVE 87
Caesar's Villa FD Sheriff
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2*M Top Hat Farm O Gernsey
NC Promisedland PayPal *S 88
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2*M Top Hat Farm Dealer Beware +VVV86 AR2014
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Old Mountain Farm Royal Flush88
2012 LA--VVVE 88
1*M Rosasharn FS Patchouli6*D AR2169



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