Top Hat Farm

Top Hat Farm MIF Pontiac GTO

DOB: 01/23/2018

Doe - K16

Black/Red with star
September 26, 2018- GTO is a very well breed and well put together little doe. What can I say except expecting
great things from her. She has it all going onů One to wait and watch for fall 2019 freshening.

Dragonfly HFX Aragorn
Dragonfly ARG Triton
SG CH AGS Flat Rocks Charybdis *D 1*M AR LA VEVE 90
Dragonfly Tri Media is Fickle
Dragonfly DR Baccus
1*M Dragonfly B Dido VEEE 90
SG CH AGS Dragonfly G Dierdre*D AR V+VE 86
Top Hat Farm MIF Pontiac GTO

CH Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie*S
1x Best in Show
1x Grand Champion
1x Res. Grand Champion
2x Sr. Champion
3x Sr. Champion
NC Promisedland Super Sport*B
CH NC Promisedland RB Moonshine VEVE 90
1*M Top Hat Farm Biscayne FS VEVV 88

Dill's XM Pandemonium *S
Top Hat Farm Bell Air VV++ 84
Old Mountain Farm Betina


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