Top Hat Farm

Riverwatch Clarabelle

DOB: 03/14/2017

Doe - J13

September 24, 2018- Clarabelle was from a doe back agreement. Very happy with how the
little lady is maturing very sharp and angular. Can''t wait for her to freshen fall of 2018

Buttin' Heads Palimony ++*B EEE 90
Buttin' Heads Stapal Gun +*B EEE 90
1*M GCH Buttin' Heads Zipper Pea VVEE 90
Buttin' Heads Shogun VVV 86
Buttin' Heads Panpies +EV 86
3*M Buttin' Heads Panache VVVV 87
2*M GCH Buttin' Heads Black Iredsh RoseVEEE 90
Riverwatch Clarabelle

Phoenix Farm Bird on a Wire
Zanzabeez B Muddy Waters +++ 81
Zanzabeez BC At the Rivers End

Doe-Sy-Doe's TA Appomattox
Top Hat Farm Daisy Mae VVVV 87
2*M AGS Top Hat Farm Swirling Rumors VVVV 86
SG 1*M Dills TG Flapper Girl


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