Top Hat Farm

Dragonfly Tri Media Is Fickle
DOB: 4/15/2015

Black/Red and White

Dragonfly Tri Media Is Fickle is a very masculine buck , powerfully built, while still being a very sharp and dairy.
The genetics behind him are stellar, he has several generations of excellent udders and impressive show records.
We have high hopes for this young buck to pass on mammary system, dairy character, show potential
and as an added bonus he is polled.

AGS Dawnland Tabby's Halifax +B
Dragonfly HFX Aragorn
AGS Dragonfly IH Electra VVEE 89
Dragonfly ARG Triton
AGS Flat Rocks Gem
SG CH AGS Flat Rocks Charybdis *D 1*M AR LA VEVE 90
AGS Flat Rocks Sea Siren
Dragonfly Tri Media Is Fickle

AGS Flat Rocks Diamond Rio
Dragonfly DR Baccus
AGS Dragonfly IH Aphrodite

AGS Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini *B
1*M Dragonfly B Dido VVEE 89
SG CH AGS Dragonfly G Dierdre*D AR V+VE 86
AGS Twin Creeks WB Summer Blonde

Photo taken 8/31/2017

All pictures below curtesy of: Joanne Karohl Dragonfly Farm

DAM OF :Dragonfly Tri Media Is Fickle -Dragonfly B Dido 1*M VVEE 89

Sires Dam: SGCH Flat Rocks Charybdis *D 1*M AR LA VEVE 90
2011 ADGA Nationals Best Udder of Breed


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