Top Hat Farm

Bearfoot Farm BA Turbulent Note
Doe - EFF1 - H2
DOB: 3/24/2016


DEC 2016- Turbulent Note was up causing trouble in my stepdaughters herd so at her weak moment
she agreed to sell her to me. So home she came with Plum Pretty. So happy to have her. Note is still
a trouble maker as you can see in her pictures she is never still. She is out of AGS TOP HAT FARM
FIRST CLASS 1*M VVVV89 whom we lost way to young, one of my all-time favorite does. This little
doe even not standing still is so very pretty.

Nov 2017 - Note is still a trouble maker with an oh so sweet personality. So happy I brought these genetics back home.

Bearfoot Farm BA Turbulent Note - H2 
Year/Age (Year.Months) DIMPounds # Fat# ---(%) Protein --(%) High Test Day In Progress/ Finished
2017 (1-0) 65 166 10---(6.0%) 8---(4.7%) 2.8# Finished

NC Promisedland PayPal *S 88
NC Promisedland Turbo Diesel +B
Arwood Acres GR Winnie
Top Hat Farm Bolt Action +B
Dragonfly HLJ Goshen 86
2*M Top Hat Farm Wiggling Leer +VV+ 84 AR2015
1*M Top Hat Farm First Class 89
Bearfoot Farm BA Turbulent Note

Dragonfly H F X Hallelujah
LA 2011 VVV
4x 1st
3x Jr. Grand Champion
1x Res. Grand Champion
Dragonfly HLJ Goshen++V 83
CH Dragonfly G Deirdre *D AR
LA 2010 V+EV 86
High test day 6.2 #
1x Grand Champion Jr. Doe
3x Grand Champion Sr. Doe
1x Best Udder
5x Best Doe in Show as finished Champion
1x Best Doe in Show

Doe-Sy-Doe's TA Appomattox
Top Hat Farm Mustang Express
1*M Top Hat Farm First Class VVVV 89
DragonFly H Sneak Up On It


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