Top Hat Farm
2*M Top Hat Farm Wiggling Leer AR2015
Doe - D10
DOB 4/9/2013
Tri color black white and tan

2014 LA VV+V 86
2015 LA +VV+ 84

Dec 2013 - Top Hat Farm Wiggling Leer is one of my favorite young does. She blends together beautifully and
has that 'look at me' attitude .. flat bone, wide thru out but still very dairy - this one is one to watch..
Bred for April 2014

November 2, 2014 - Leer did not disappoint me as first freshener long elegant dairy nice legs front and rear.
With an udder that has it all.. This is one to watch for her second and third freshening her dam just continued
to Improve with every freshening.. You can see pictures of her dam on our reference page: Top Hat Farm First Class VVVV89

Jan 2016 Leer has been one of my favorites from day one - slow to mature following in her dams footsteps. She
excels in general appearance and dairy character, being very smoothly blended and free of excess fleshing, with
a naturally level topline and rump. Her udder is beautiful: high and smoothly-attached,easily-milkable teats.

Top Hat Farm Wiggling Leer - D10 
Year/Age (Year.Months) DIMPounds # Fat# ---(%) Protein --(%) In progress/Finished
2014 (0-11) 124 300 18--(6.0%) 14---(4.7%) Finished
2015 (1-08) 285 647 41---(6.3%) 30---(4.6%) Finished

   Top Hat Farm Silver King (Herd Sire at Our Lazy Acres)

MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 'E' 90.0
1x Grand Champion Jr Buck
3x Res. Grand Champion
3x Grand Champion
3x Best of Breed
1x Sire & Son
Dragonfly HFX Hallelujah
LA 2011 VVV
4x 1st
3x Jr. Grand Champion
1x Reserve Grand Champion
Twin Creeks AH Chiaroscuro 2*D E 91.0 AR
High test day 5.3 #
1x Grand Champion Jr.
2x 2x Best of Breed
1x Res. Grand Champion Jr
Dragonfly HLJ Goshen 86
ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini +*S E90.4
CH Dragonfly G Deirdre *D AR
LA 2010 V+EV 86
High test day 6.2 #
1x Grand Champion Jr. Doe
3x Grand Champion Sr. Doe
1x Best Udder
5x Best Doe in Show as finished Champion
1x Best Doe in Show
Twin Creeks WB Summer Blonde
LA 2009 VVVV 85
2*M Top Hat Farm Wiggling Leer 84

Stonewall's Tuner Ashby E
Doe-Sy-Doe's TA Appomattox
Doe-Sy-Doe's Tiger Lily *D AR (VEEE 90)
1x GCH Jr
1x GCH Sr Doe
1x Best Udder in Show
2x Res. GCH Sr Doe
Highet test day #5 lbs

MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 'E' 90

Top Hat Farm First Class V89
Dragonfly H Sneak Up On It
DragonFly M Kestrel VG 88.6
2x Res Jr Doe
1x Grand Jr Doe
2x Best of breed Jr Doe

picture taken 9/28/2015

picture taken 9/28/2015

picture taken 11/1/2014

picture taken 11/1/2014

picture taken 8/24/2013

picture taken 11/1/2014


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