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Top hat farm has started over in southern New Jersey after several years without goats.

We purchased several acres with a house and a shop. The shop needed a total overhaul, which John has done. The property had no fence or barn. We also had to clear a large section of overgrown trees and brush.

Well after several years without goats, John made the comment 'stop sitting on fence procrastinating either do it or get over it!' He was hoping I would just buy a boat! Some days he still says I should have bought a boat. We could be fishing instead of cleanin goat pens or getting hay. The time he spends helping with numerous goat projects he could be working on restoring his old truck.

Aug 2008 - We purchased our first 2 does. One doe was bred the other just a few months old. As luck would have it the doe produced two beautiful buck kids - Ugh. The next thing was to install fence, so in Dec 2008 two pastures where fenced in, than came another two does and a leased buck.

Dec 2008 - The goat addiction is in full swing I have ordered 2 doe kids and a buck kid from Oklahoma. But goat people know how that goes, we ended up bring in 3 does and 1 buck kid. We did not want a kid to have to ride alone in a crate (need 2 kids per crate). Again John swings into action to pick up kids from airport.

Dec 2009 - The barn is done. John has built me an absolutely beautiful barn. The day after barn was complete away we go to pick up 2 more doe kids.

Jan 2010 - We have been back in goats for 17 months and already have 3 bucks and 11 does. Kidding season starts in March 2010. I cannot wait to kid and milk in my new barn.

We are striving for high milk production with great udders and conformation that will hold up until they are aged does. They also must do well in the show ring. I love to show!

I must give many thanks to the breeders who have gotten us started again.

I also must give many thank yous to my great husband for all his hard work getting my dream up and running again, if not for him none of this dream would be coming true!!

Thanks for stopping by, Beth & John


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